Ranger Service Dog Training

Ken Cappello saw a need. He saw his military brothers and sisters suffering with PTSD and other post war disabilities. At the same time, large numbers of dogs were being euthanized each year in our local shelters. 

The idea? To save loyal, capable dogs from the shelters and train them to provide companionship and perform necessary tasks for our local heroes. Ranger Service Dog Training was born.

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Man playing with two dogs in backyard

Shelter Dogs

Ranger Dog Training works with shelter dos, addressing behavior problems such as jumping up, nipping or any other issues you are experiencing.


Dog Training

Veterans that have gone through our program will have the opportunity to take part in our dog training course.

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Service Dogs

Service dogs will go through an intense training class to help our veterans start a new career in the dog training field.

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Veteran in Camo Carrying a Gun

Veterans commit suicide every day, or one every 65 minutes, according to the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.

Military members in camo with guns doing training outside

Of Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Military Helicopter

Great way you can help. Donate today.


Donations are necessary to provide the dogs with veterinary care, equipment, training, and more. At the same time, we welcome volunteers in all areas, from foster care to fundraising. Ultimately, our goal is to build a complete training campus.

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Success Stories

  • Ranger does wonderful work helping both dogs in need of homes and Veterans in need of service dogs.

  • I know Ken well and was amazed at what he did to help us with chihuahua Taffy!

  • I love this group. They doing great things. Helping save dog and our heroes. I volunteer my time to help where ever I can. If you have the time looking into helping also.

  • The organization is a welcome site for veterans. They take real care of there dogs and veterans.  They are doing great work.

  • Ruby had so much fun she slept for 2 days after! Thank you Ken.

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