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Do I qualify to receive a Service Dog from Ranger Service Dog Training?

All veterans will need to fill out an application, which is available on this website. Upon completion, a meeting will be scheduled where we will go over the details of the program. The veteran must be able to commit to 18 months, and demonstrate the ability to provide good care for the dog, including veterinary care. If it is ever determined that a dog is being mistreated, we will retrieve the dog and find a new owner. More details are available on the "Apply" page.

How are the dogs chosen?

All of the dogs come from local shelters or rescue groups. As they are not all capable of being service dogs, they receive an extensive evaluation. If they do not make it through training, we find a loving forever home for them.

What is the role of a foster parent?

Initially, the dogs are placed in foster homes where they are socialized and acclimated to home life and public and social surroundings. When they are ready, they are paired with a veteran who trains them under our supervision and direction. The process takes approximately 18 months, but the veterans becomes involved with his or her dog early on.

How are donations used?

It takes a lot of money to train a service dog. Food, shelter, veterinary care is only the beginning. Money is needed as well for trainers, training tools and the facility. In addition, we'd like to start our veterans off right with dog beds, bowls, crate, service dog vest and much more.

Do we train Veteran's Dogs they already own?

Our mission is to save two lives, the Veterans and the Dogs. We rescue dogs from local shelters around Atlanta and train them to be Service Dogs for Veterans. We do not train individual's dogs they already own. If you are a Veteran and interested in a Service Dog, please visit the "Apply" page.

Do we train Service Dog for Veteran's out of the state of GA?

At this time we can't train service dog for veteran that do not live in Georgia. We are still a small organization. We do not have capability or funds for out of state veterans.