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Honor And Memorial Gifts:

Donations of $100 or more to Ranger Service Dogs Training can be a thoughtful way to recognize special milestones in the lives of loved ones or to remember the passing of a loved one or pet. When honoring someone with a gift to Ranger service dog Training, please include the name and address of the loved one you are honoring so we can send them notification of your gift. When making a memorial gift, please include the name of the individual and the name and address of any family members you would like for us to notify and email us a picture and biography.

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Check Donations

If you would like to donate by check or money order, please make it payable to Ranger Service Dogs training and send to the following address:

Ranger Service Dog Training
2674 Kiser Ave
Lithia Springs, GA 30122

With your donations, you are helping a veteran begin his/her new life with a service companion. We are thankful for your donation and all donors.

Your donation saves TWO lives at once; a VETERAN and a PET!

Please note that we love donations of any amount. Even $5 can help to offset the costs associated with running a program like ours. No amount is ever too small (or large) to donate and we are grateful for each penny we get!

Ranger service dog Training tax exempt under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code and donations are tax deductible. Letters for donations are sent out by February 1 of the year following the donation for tax purposes.

Please consider supporting us in one or more of the following ways:

Monetary Gifts

Click DONATE NOW above or if you prefer, checks made payable to Ranger service dog training Inc. may be sent to 2674 Kiser Ave. Lithia Springs GA 30122


Sponsor our Permanent Training Ranch a donation of $450,000 can provide us with funding to purchase land and build a training retreat location where we can help both veterans and service dogs. This would enable to us to begin extensive training of the dogs prior to our veterans arriving and provide us with a location to house our veterans and hold more than only 4 classes per year!

Sponsor an Office / Caretakers lodging

A donation of $100,000 can provide us with the start of building permanent structures on the training Ranch.

Sponsor a Tiny home

Ken always wants to build a village of Tiny homes for the veterans and the service dog’s to stay in. A donation of $50,000 would purchase a Tiny Home. This will give a safe place for the veteran. Kens dream is to have many of these on the acreage. These also will a place for the veterans to come back for training and a retreat. Each Tiny home would house 1-2 veterans.

Sponsor a Training Class

A donation of $48,000 will fully fund 8 veterans and their dogs! We try to hold at least 4 classes a year.

Adopt a Veteran

A donation of $6000 will fully sponsor one veteran and his dog for the life of the animal. Will help with continue training and support for the veteran and there service dog.

Adopt a Service Dog

A donation of $3000 will help to sponsor a dog to become fully trained and vetted for a veteran. In case of a emergency we can help out a service dog if needed.

Sponsor a Veterans Lodging

A donation of $1700 will provide lodging for an out of town veteran so he can come to training class and receive his service dog.

Sponsor a Service Dog for a Year

A donation of $1200 will care for a service dog for one year, providing his food and routine medical / preventative care. You can pick and sponsor a service dog for a year.

Sponsor the Head Trainer

A donation of $1000 will help to offset the cost of our head trainer who provides unlimited access to his/her services to all of our veterans for as long as they have a service dog.

Save a Service Dog Candidate

A donation of $950 will save the life of an abandoned, abused or neglected dog that is awaiting a savior in a local animal shelter. This cost covers the evaluation of the dog, vetting, spay or neuter, boarding, and beginning evaluation and training. In the event these dogs are not successful as service dog candidates, they are placed in loving family homes.

Outfit a Battle Buddy

A donation of $500 will provide a veteran and his new service dog with all they need to be successful - a crate, collar, dog bed, 8 foot training leash, service dog vest and patches, dog bowl set, official IGY6 Patch, treat bag and treats for training class.

Sponsor Travel Costs for a Veteran

A donation of $300 can help to provide transportation to and from class for one veteran. Many of our veterans come from out of state and drive or fly in to attend class.

Name a Battle Buddy

A donation of $200 allows you naming rights of the dog of your choice!

Feed the Veterans! A donation of $150 will provide one lunch together during a training class for all 8 veterans (and Ken too!)

Breakfast for Volunteers

A donation of $100 will provide coffee and breakfast sandwiches for one morning of training for our volunteers. We rely heavily on volunteer assistant trainers during class. Typically there are at least 8 per day per class.

Buy a Vest

A donation of $80 will provide a new service dog vest and a first set of patches to a lucky new battle buddy!

Feed a Vet - A donation of $75 will provide a day of meals for a veteran! All meal costs are incurred by the veterans while at training.

Feed a Pet - A donation of $50 will provide a service dog his first bag of dog food to start his new job off right!

Sponsor a Veteran Mom

A donation of $400.00 will help a Volunteer mom. They are to ensure the veteran is taking care of while they are away from home. Each Mom will be assign 4 veteran sons.

If you would like more information on Ranger service dog Training Inc. please Email us. We are a very small office and do not monitor phones in order to keep expenses down. Email is the best way to get in touch with us.