• Ken did a wonderful job with our one year old pup! He sent lots of photos and even posted a video of her playing fetch. Ken has an awesome set up in his backyard for dogs, so I knew she was having a great time while we were gone. I will definitely leave Macy with Ken again!

  • This organization saved my life, without them and the work they do I don't know where I would be.

  • Hello, I do not know where to start. A Organization that helps for veterans and save our four legged friends. I have see first hand or the veteran and the dogs loves have change. I have had the changes to work with the service dogs and how they are trained. I encourage you to have a love for veterans for four-legged friends volunteer. This will be the best experience you have in your life.

  • Ranger gave me an opportunity back at life that I didn't before think possible! I became involved after suffering from a head injury myself and learned through the power of working with Ken and the rest of the team what a truly incredible organization this is!

  • As a Army Veteran I want to thank the folks at Ranger dogs training for what they are doing. I'm looking forward to work with them

  • On July 2 2015 I lost a very special person . He lost his fight with PTSD. Before Stephen passed away, we where working on getting him a service dog. Stephen had a little twinkle in his eye . He was so excited about getting the service dog to help him. But I was to late and lost Stephen. I said something has to change . For our veterans have to wait to long to get a service dog . I promise Stephen I would do my best to not let this happen again. As a veteran my self I new I had to do my part to save my military family.

    Thank you,

    Ken Cappello

  • Ken is a wonderful, patient trainer. I have a Pittie that needed a refresher course and to take her public access test. He taught me and my husband who has PTSD how to work with her and now we can work with other Veterans and their dogs. Ken helps a lot of our heroes and he's amazing!

  • We rescue dogs from shelters and have always trusted Ken to help us acclimate the rescue dog with our own dogs. He has a way with animals that is so natural and he seems to speak their language and understand each personality and how to make the dog relationships work. When we have had an adoptive family interested in a dog we have Ken come and assist with introductions to their dogs and provide advice on continued training. We trust Ken implicitly and now the work he is doing for veterans is a true passion for Ken. We support him and hope you will too. Any donation is helping to restore the life of someone that served our country and now needs us to help them. So proud of the work you are doing Ken!!

  • What's left when a soilder is afraid to go to sleep, afraid to wake up and is tortured by what is in between? It's not the fear of dying, we have done that a million times in our heart. Some of us can't scrub our guilt Away. I was lost. Then one day Dash came into my life; this loud, shedding, slobbering wonderful dog began to be the miracle that saved my life and with every shoe I have to wrestle back, I fall in love more and more. Thanks to Ranger Dog Training, I have my life back. My undying appreciation for Ken who sent this salvation my way and continues to be my good friend.

  • I'm so glad I found Ranger service dogs. Ken is a person that truly care about us.After training with Ken and my dog if feel comfortable going out of my Comfort zone . For a long time I was in a very dark place. I did not trust anyone, but with Ken It was different . He was like a father figure . At time he was hard on me . But I know he will always have my back. I can't say how thankful I am. Love you brother